Vienna International Arts Festival 2019

The 8th Vienna International Ballet & Modern Dance Competition – Masterclasses July 15th – 21st 2019

Rules and Regulations

Participants may also choose from only attending the Masterclasses or the Competition or they can combine both. Participating in the competition is not obligatory.


The registration for VIAF is possible via online application form or via download form.
Application forms, filled in completely, have to be submitted by May 31st 2019.
By submitting the application form, the participant agrees to the rules & conditions of the Festival.
Uncompleted application forms will not be accepted.
Every participant / group must send a link of their performance. The links have to be filled in on every application form.
In the application form each participant or group has to decide in which category they want to participate.
The number of participants in a group is not limited.

Age groups

All participants from the age of 8 and 27 years


Category D1 ( Professional Dancers) – Solo and classical variations Age of 17 – 27 years

2 rounds, 2 different classic variations of the ballet repertoire of the 19th and 20th century (in the final may be one neoclassical variation of the 21st century) (max 4 minutes for both)

Category D2 (Professional Dancers Pas de Deux) Age of 17 – 27 years

2 rounds, 2 Pas de Deux classic repertoires or neoclassic variations from choreographers from 21st century (max 11 minutes)

Category B (Students) – Solo and classical variations

For children participating regularly in a professional ballet school. Participants of Category B could also compete in a higher category, but they will be judged by the higher category rules.

Category B1 from the age of 12 to 15 years 1 round; 1 variation,

Category B2 from the age of 16 to 19 years 2 rounds; 2 different variations

Category A (Private schools) – Solo or Group

For children attending a non-professional ballet school once or twice a week.

Participants could also perform a children’s dance, but also a scene from a well-known ballet.

The first round is equal the selection for the next round and will be executed by youtube link of the dance. Deadline is May 10th 2019. Qualified dancers will be invited for the finale.

Category A1 (Solo) from the age of 8 to 18 years, performance duration: max 2 minutes

Children: 8 – 12
Junior I: 13 – 15
Junior II: 16 – 18

Category A2 (Group, of min 3 persons) from the age of 8 to 20 years, performance duration: max 3 minutes

Children: 8 – 12
Junior I: 13 – 15
Junior II: 16 – 18

Modern and Contemporary (Category C) – Solo or Group

Category C1 (Solo) Age until 27 years, performance duration: max 3 minutes

Category C2 (Group, of min 3 pers) Age until 27 years, performance duration: max 4 minutes

Folk Dancers (Category E ) – Open for all Age until 27 years, performance duration: max 5 minutes

The first round is equal to the selection for the next round and will be executed by the video of the dance. Deadline is May 10th 2019. The qualified dancers will be invited to the Finale.
Judgement parameters: Performance, musicality, dance technique, context, course of movement and presentation, among others.


Every participant must name their music file according to their respective program number, name and the title of their variation.
Please send your music tot he following address by 1st of July 2019:

Please note that only Wave, Aiff, M4a and MP3 formats will be accepted.
In addition to above, every participant must bring his or her own copy of the performance music to the event.
Every music file must be provided in good quality.
All CDs / USB sticks / devices must be collected by the participants. They will not be returned by post!

Jury and evaluation

International experts consisting of directors of ballet schools, choreographers, dancers, artistic directors, and further will form the Jury. Dancers will be evaluated by a point system.

Agenda and prices

The competition consists of 1 or 2 rounds and the Gala Event. The award ceremony will be part of the gala, to which international guests will be invited.

The prizes are prize money for the first 3 places (men and women) Grand Prix in category D, scholarships , possible engagements, awards for the best talent and interpretation, medals, cups and diplomas. The jury is not obligated to give the Grand Prix and all other prizes.


The exact rehearsal plan will be printed out and hung up at the theatre, committee office and in the hotels, as well as provided online.

Application Fees


for Solo Performers – € 90.-

for Duos, per performer € 75.- p.p

for Trios or larger ensembles, per performer € 45.- p.p.

Master Classes and Methodical Class

One class is 90 minutes long
5 classes/week (each class: 1.5 hours)
a) Ballet

b) Modern

c) Variation and Repertoire

2 classes/week (each class: 1.5 hours )
Character Groups Methodical class

Msterclasses Fee

Total cost 300 € (a+b+c)

Single class of your choice: 5 classes/week 150 Euros,

Two classes of your choice: 5 classes/week 220 Euros.

Character Groups
Two methodical classes: 260 € per group

For more information visit the official web site: