Vasil Petrov is one of the prominent and approved jazz and pop performers in Bulgaria. His melodic and rich baritone covers three octaves, and his implementations are distinguished with inimitable vocal technic, mastery and emotional intensity. His repertoire include original compositions and contemporary interpretations of “standards”, songs, written by himself, all enriched with wonderful improvisations, neat phrases and poetry.
The Bulgarian critics are tempted to announce Vasil Petrov for “the Bulgarian Frank Sinatra”, Frankenpost define him like “performer with fabulous stage presence, velvet voice and exclusive beauty”, which can stay among the greatest jazz artists in the world.
Mr. Petrov works with the best orchestras in Bulgaria and in abroad and he tours intensively throw his hole carrier. He has recorded ten successful jazz and pop albums. He had been honoured with a variety of prestigious awards, including Golden Orpheus and a lot of awards from the ratings for hit of the year and album of the year.