Hello. Welcome to our official page.
We are glad to welcome you, to introduce ourselves and to cooperate with you as much as we can.
Who are we?
We work to provide them with a decent and fulfilling life, to provide them with opportunities for development and improvement, so that they can grow up to be brave and real citizens of Bulgaria which we can be proud of. Because children are the meaning and the highest cause of our existence and the rise of our nation depends on their success and prosperity.
Because childhood is not only a broad term applied to human beings when they are in the phase of development between birth, puberty, and adulthood. Childhood is also a state of the heart that allows people dedicated to the cause to work not only for the children who are most in need at this time – children in unequal position, children in social unhappiness, but also for all children, so that they can get a hand out and support to have a decent and happy life to develop and glorify Bulgaria.
The highest interest is the interest of the child and we must protect it. This is the interest of the little child, the older child, the already grown-up child. The child, with a big heart, which is at the center of the big blue tale, fighting the bad guys. Because in fairy tales the good ones have big hearts and eventually overcome the bad guys. And the children are good and their hearts are big. And honest.
For this, if we want good to overcome, we must take care of our children, protecting them and protecting their hearts. We must provide them with happiness and prosperity, we must give them the childhood they deserve.
For them to fight with their tiny hands and their big hearts and win.
To help us build a new world, a more genuine and better world.
The task that we from the CHILD SUPPORT ASSOCIATION have set is difficult. It goes through improving the quality of life of children and helping their families in the context of economic, social and demographic crisis, a collapse of values and culture.
It continues and finds expression in ensuring equal rights and opportunities for a dignified and fulfilling life of children living in extreme poverty, children at risk, children living in extremely disadvantageous conditions, children without parents.
It provides opportunities for development and realization at the national and world level of gifted children, children with special knowledge and abilities and children – talents.
Our members are numerous and present themselves in the different spheres of social and cultural life, but we are all united by a common belief – the love for children and striving to help them start building a new Bulgaria to be proud of.