Prof. Vanya Matanova is a doctor of the psychological studies. She works in the domain of the clinical psychology and the neuropsychology. She is a professor and a Director of a Master program in clinic psychology in Sofia University “ St. Climent Ohridski”. She is a president of the Bulgarian Association for Clinic Psychology and Consultative Psychology and of the Bulgarian Association on Dyslexion and a president of Foundation Clinical Psychology in action. She is a president of the Institute for psychic health and development.
Prof. Matanova is a chief of the magazine “Clinical and Consultative Psychologie” and a member of the editorial board of a Bulgarian magazine for psychology.
Mrs. Vanya Matanova is cognitive behavioural psychotherapist, supervisor and a teacher of cognitive behavioural psychotherapist.
She has made specialisations in Russia, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, she had been a guest professor in Great Britain, Macedonia, Cyprus and Kazakhstan. Prof. Matanova is a supervisor of 28 thesis in the domain of clinical psychology and neuropsychology. She is an author of 11 treatises and more than 200 academic articles, a participant in national and international scientific forum in the domain of the clinical neuropsychology.