Sonia Mirtchevska Colombo has been an Attorney at law at Sofia Bar Association since 1995, and member of Nice Bar Association (France) since 2003.

Her legal practice is mainly in the field of Private International Law, Law of the European Union, Criminal Law, Legal Status of foreigners, International Sport and Corporate Law.

Ms Colombo started her legal career at the Department of Public International Law of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Bulgaria) where she worked until 1990.

Her main activities were focused on the negotiation and conclusion of intergovernmental treaties of legal assistance; protection of foreign investments and avoidance of double taxation; consular conventions; commercial cooperation agreements etc.

She was the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the national legislative procedures aimed at harmonization of Bulgarian laws with international human rights standards (Passport Law, Religion Act, Press Law, Nationality Act, Law on the Status of Foreign Persons, etc.)

In 1990 she won the first prize at the national competition of constitutional law, organized by the USIA, US Embassy and the Foundation “St. Cyril and St. Methodius”, rewarded by first prize FULBRIGHT SCHOLAR AWARD at the University of Virginia, School of law, USA.

There she worked as a “visiting professor” and prepared a doctoral thesis in International Public Law: “The constitutional aspects of the conclusion of international treaties”

Coming back to Europe (France) in 1992, Ms Colombo obtained a Master Degree in International Private and European Law at the Faculty of Law (University of Montpellier). In 2003, she passed successfully the French National Bar Exams of Diploma of proficiency in the legal profession (CAPA), entitling her to practise as an international attorney at law.

Ms Colombo is strongly engaged in associations and public activities in the straggle against trafficking of human beings and the protection of human rights.

Ms COLOMBO is a representative for the countries of South-East Europe of the NGO Coalition against trafficking (USA), and a member of the Fulbright Scholars Association and the Alumni Club, Faculty of Law, University of Virginia (USA)

In France , Ms Colombo presides the Association “France – Bulgaria – Agir Ensemble” devoted to promote and develop the cultural, social and educative cooperation between Bulgaria and France.