About us

While recognizing the need of improving the quality of children’s life and supporting their families under the conditions of an economic, social and demographic crisis, with collapsing values and culture, 

Being aware of the need to ensure equal rights and opportunities for a dignified and full-value life of children living in absolute powerty, of children at risk, children living in extremely unfavourable conditions, children without parents, 

Proceeding from the desire to provide opportunities for development and realization at national and world level of gifted children, children with special knowledge and abilities and the talented children, 

Guided by the creed that children are the supreme cause and the future of the nation and that  their development is the responsibility of each of us and of the society as a while, 

Being aware that childhood is more than a broad term applied to human beings passing the phase of development between birth, puberty and adulthood, and also that childhood is a condition of the heart, allowing people dedicated to this cause to work not only for children who have special needs for support – disadvantaged children, children in social blind alley and children exposed to violence and crime, but also for all children who need a helping hand and support to develop themselves and bring fame to Bulgaria,

United by our will to actively contribute to this process, by devoting our skills, knowledge and efforts to protect the rights of children and their highest interest and in order to create effectively working mechanisms at national and interinstitutional, central and local level in the country and abroad – independently and in cooperation with other non-government organizations, states and local bodies and institutions,

We established the Non-profit association – ‘CHILD SUPPORT ASSOCIATION’